Pamukkale (Hierapolis)

After a lovely drive through the Tauros Mountains passing traditional authentic Turkish villages and having breakfast on the way , we arrive at Hierapolis and Pamukkale (cotton castle ) which hits you immediately. Hierapolis is an ancient Roman city and was established as a cure centre in the 2nd century bc.

After being destroyed by many earthquakes , we can only see what remains such as the city baths and an amphitheatre , which has a 15.000 seating capacity. Pamukkale is a famous natural phenomenon and lies on a small hill from where a great number of hot calcium rich volcanic springs flow . For thousands of years , water has flowed from Pamukkale springs and naturally formed snow white terraces and pools cascading down the mountainside . The waters are bath temperature and believed to benefit heart and circulatory complaints in particular. After lunch we visit a carpet weaving centre and you can see how Turkish carpets are made

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